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Our Clock Needs You!

Perhaps some of you will have noticed that something is missing in Golcar – the working church clock!

It stopped working just before lockdown, so then nothing could be done for the next three months. Now that things are easing somewhat it seems an appropriate time to get it mended.

We have found a reputable firm to mend the clock and they have been for a preliminary look.

The mechanism inside needs a thorough clean and the hands are sticking which needs to be rectified. Unfortunately, the latter requires scaffolding which will be expensive.

St. John’s Church clock is definitely an asset to Golcar and the people of Golcar, who would welcome back a working clock with open arms. The whole responsibility of maintaining a working clock lies with St. John’s Parochial Church Council with no help from Kirklees.

If you would like to make a donation towards this work you can donate by using the Paypal link on this page. You do not need a Paypal account in order to make a donation.

The Diocese

St Johns is part of the Diocese of Leeds..

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