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 Who are Sunday Club?  Sunday Club are the children who come to church each Sunday to take part in our weekly worship.

Our children’s ages range between 0 and 9 (older children join Sunday Youth).

We have found that the children like their morning to be structured so they know what is happening at a certain time.


Firstly we have news time when the children tell us what they have been doing the previous week, or are going to do shortly i.e. birthday parties, trips, new shoes, clothes etc. (It is amazing what we get to know!). 

Each child has his or her turn whilst the others listen to what they are saying.  During news time we find out who has a birthday during the week and present them with a card and sing ‘happy birthday’ to them. Our story comes next, which compliments the activity for that week’s topic. 

After the story the children do crafts, which they love showing when we go back into church.  Mostly they take them home on the day, but sometimes they are put on display in our ‘Sunday Club’ windows at such times as Christmas, Easter, Harvest so that everyone can admire their handiwork. 


Sunday Club is led by Gaynor Sykes, Jill Bamford and Pat Hanson.  We also have some great mums and dads who are always willing to lend a hand.

We meet each Sunday from 10.00am until approx 11.15am and if your child would like to come and join us we would be only too pleased to welcome them.

The children are the future of St. John’s Church and it is very encouraging to find that they are included as much as possible in the weekly worship of the church.



The Diocese

St Johns is part of the Diocese of Leeds..

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